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The LCSAL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that has dedicated its service to the youth of Lake County, California since 1997.  Our enthusiastic staff of volunteers provide mentorship through a variety of activities and social engagements.  We are 100% funded by donations, grants and fund-raisers and through the generosity of our community partners.

The LCSAL provides local youth with the opportunity to engage in positive leisure time activities through sports and educational venues.  Aided by local law enforcement, community leaders and associative partners, we offer our children a safe and positive environment where they can learn, play and excel.  

Where Did We Come From?

All of our programs are FREE.  We are inclusive, coeducational and we celebrate diversity.  The LCSAL welcomes all children to participate in our programs regardless of identity, circumstance or differing abilities.  Our core programs include Boxing, Jr. Giants Baseball, Kayaking and Anti-Bullying.  For more information, please go to our Programs page.

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serving Lake County for 23 years

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     In 1914, Police Commissioner Arthur Woods began a social movement that would eventually be known as the Police Athletic League (PAL).  His primary concern was for the poor children who lived in congested tenements, so he organized a city-wide search for vacant lots which were eventually converted into playgrounds.  He also asked to set aside certain city blocks so that traffic could be controlled or prohibited for safety.  The overall goal of the program was to reduce tensions between police officers and youth. 

     By providing a safe place to play, through the guidance of proper supervision, it was hoped that opportunities for wholesome play would reduce the temptation for wrongdoing. These "Play Streets" provided openings for positive interactions between children and Police Officers, and they helped to unify troubled communities.  100 years later, Commissioner Woods' PAL program continues to convey these same ideals and benefits. It was this PAL program that inspired the formation of the Lake County Sheriff's Activity League (LCSAL).

     In 1996, a local teacher and former collegiate boxer, Dave Borjon, approached then Sheriff James Wright about starting a local Sheriff’s Activity League so that he could offer a boxing program. The Sheriff, who was just about to retire suggested that Dave wait until newly elected Sheriff Rod Mitchell was sworn in. Sheriff Mitchell supported the idea and together with a newly formed board of directors, the paper work to establish the non-profit agency was submitted and approved.

     The founding board members included Dave and Mary Borjon, Attorney Peter Windrem, Supervisor Rob Brown, CPA Leon Turner, Dr. Kirk Andrus and then County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. William Cornelison. Sheriff Mitchell assigned two officers to support LCSAL activities, and together they created successful programs like: Jr. Giants Baseball, Gang Resistance Education, USA Boxing and Youth Basketball. 

     As the program grew, local volunteers stepped up to lead a variety of activities including: quilting, cooking, rock climbing, kayaking, biking, theater arts workshops, high school drama festival, dancing, social manners and skills, open gym activities, leadership programs, field trips, and after school tutoring.

     With the help of community leaders, public partnerships and interested organizations the Lake County Sheriff's Activities League has entered its 23rd year of service.  Looking forward to the future, we hope to expand our presence by offering new and exciting programs for our wonderful youth and their families.


* LCSAL is asking all of our families to follow current safety guidelines.  We will be resuming our programs as soon as possible.

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Adam Astrup

*  CONGRADULATIONS to ADAM ASTRUP for earning a Harmon & Sue Burns Scholarship.  For his outstanding commitment to his teammates and his community, Adam will receive a $5,000 scholarship when he enters higher education after high school. The LCSAL is very proud of his accomplishment!